Giorgio Armani Perfume

Giorgio Armani is one of the world’s premiere fashion designers, noted for his men’s wear apparel and haute couture women’s styles, punctuated with clean, sleek lines and utter elegance. Like his fashions, Giorgio Armani perfume have risen to the top of the fragrance world! Established in 1975, Armani’s empire has risen to the top and he’s now regarded as the single most successful fashion designer to hail from Italy. Armani sees annual profits $1.6 billion and as of 2013, the master designer’s fortune was estimated at over $8.5 billion! He’s also renowned in the fashion world for being the first designer to avoid using ultra thin models in his adverts and runway shows. It’s moves such as these which have earned Armani a name as one of the most respected names in fashion; it’s a respect that also extends into the world of fragrance.